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Leadership and Values

The company regards ethical leadership and practice as critical to responsible business and it is committed to conducting business according to ethical, professional and legal standards.

Shared Values
The CAP community strives to live its shared values of integrity, respect for the individual, customer focus, team spirit, innovation and openness and communication.

UACN Code of Ethics
CAP, being a subsidiary of UACN Plc, is a signatory to the UACN code of ethics and conduct which outlines expected pattern of conduct for all employees including the rejection of any form of inducement, giving or receiving.

Whistle Blowing
The whistle blowing procedure in place ensures that e-mails are anonymously received, discretely investigated and a report sent to the Audit Committee for necessary action.

Recruitment and Retention
CAP is an equal rights employer, without discrimination on account of gender, tribe, religion or profession. The company policy involves the placement of people in the right roles and retention of talented people. Employees discuss, negotiate and agree their terms of employment and are free to accept/reject the terms without coercion. CAP employs 8 hour work day and annual leave with full benefits. The company will not employ anyone under the age of 18 years and will not do business with any partner that engages in child labour utilization.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
CAP employees belong to a vibrant local union and an industry wide trade union. CAP recognizes the union’s right to collective bargaining and implements industry’s collective agreement on schedule

The Crèche
A friendly crèche is operated at the company’s head office at Ikeja to promote baby-mother bonding

CAP recognizes the achievement of employees who display exemplary traits of integrity, dedication to duty, customer focus and initiative in line with our shared values.

Suppliers and Contractors
Suppliers of goods and services are appointed and treated fairly using defined criteria that do not discriminate on the basis of religion, tribe or gender.

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