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Financial Information

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As at April 25, 2018


Financial Reports
Third Quarter Results 2017
Half Year Results 2017
First Quarter Results 2017
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2016
Third Quarter Results 2016
Half Year Results 2016
First Quarter Results 2016
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2015
Third Quarter Results 2015
Half Year Results 2015
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2014
Third Quarter Results 2014
Half Year Results 2014
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2013
Third Quarter Results 2013
Half Year Results 2013
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2012
Financial Highlights 2010
Financial Highlights 2009
CAP Unpaid Dividend 39
CAP Unpaid Dividend 40
CAP Unpaid Dividend 43
CAP Unpaid Dividend 2016
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